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Essential oils

So why Essential oils you ask? Well because they’re something that we have been using in our home for 13 years now. Yes, 13 years! You see 13 years ago my husband and I decided we were going to join our families. He and his daughter + myself, my daughter and two sons were going to become one family. We felt the most important thing to do in the process of bringing our family together was attend pre-marital counseling. It was there, sitting in those sessions where we were first introduced to essential oils. Young Living essential oils to be exact.

We have actively used essentials oils in our home since then. Mainly because they have such a wide variety of daily applications. For example, we use lavender everyday around here. It’s amazing for calming kids, soothing skin irritations, relaxing the body and so much more. It’s probably one of the most all-purpose oils and one of our favorites to diffuse. We love to use Thieves oil to help support our immune systems and when my day is running long and I can feel myself starting to drag I put a drop of peppermint oil in my water to help boost my energy and alertness. If I can’t find one of my oils I know right where to go… straight to my son’s bedroom or bathroom. He loves to use oils! He applies them topically to help support healthy skin + reduce blemishes and help support sore muscles after a long day at football. Really, we all just love our oils and can’t live without them around here!

Over this past year I have been searching, praying and hoping I would find something to do where I could continue to help support our family as it’s fulfilling for me to know that I contribute to our family financially. I thought about opening up a business, possibly in clothing since I do have a love for fashion, but every idea I had just didn’t feel right within me. Meanwhile, everyday I’m applying oils on myself and family, diffusing them and adding them into so many different parts of our lives and all of a sudden a huge loud bell went off in my head. Why not share about something that I honestly deeply love, use everyday and that resonates so solid within our family.

We have used oils from just about every single oil company I could find throughout the years. But there was one I kept going back to every single time, not matter what. I’d stand in the aisles at Whole Foods and even purchase quite a few, have friends share oils with me from a several different oils companies, but nothing could ever compare to what this one oil company had to offer. Their quality, variety of products and selection is incomparable. They’re the leader in the industry and have been around for over 25 years helping pioneer essential oil research and distilling processes. And their oils are beyond organic because of their Seed to Seal process which makes their oils safe for ingestion and free from expiration dates. In fact, just last week I was digging around and found one of the very first bottles of oils I had ever received 13 years ago…one was half full still and I have actively been using it. It’s still as potent and exactly the same quality as a bottle I purchased of the same oil just last month. And that is why I chose Young Living.

I have yet to share our new journey with anyone, even our closest friends and family. So, Hey all, here’s what we are up to over here! I can’t wait to answer questions from you and hope you’ll join me in my love for essential oils!!

 If you don’t already use oils & are interested, YOU CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT THE STARTER KIT HERE! And if you have more questions about oils see this page for some oil FAQ’s

Also, come join me over on my oils Instagram @simplemodernwellness where I will be covering our favorite ways to use each of the oils in the starter kit and beyond. I also plan to share all of our favorite diffuser blends, what I use on my children, healthy recipes (some that include oils), Young Living’s newest makeup line – Savvy Minerals, recipes for lip scrubs, sugar scrubs, rollerball blends & so many other amazing things that you didn’t even know you could make with oils!!!


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